“I will come to your church” … He told me that with an assurance in his voice, but I have heard it before… Alexandro a young man that I met years ago is a member of Opus Dei, Catholic sect. He disagrees with everything he has seen there, yet, he does not want to become a “protestant…” Didac another young man. He follows the “rigui” philosophy trying to find peace in zen inside himself, he sees his need and have many questions, he also said, “I will come to your church” … so many hundreds of examples I can give you of people that I testify daily. They know me. I think that by now everybody in town knows who the pastor of the “non-Catholic” church is. I cannot walk in town without stopping and talking to somebody, friendly conversations, many times about the Bible, yet they don´t come to Christ, they don´t believe in Him as personal Savior… But we continue preaching and giving the Gospel to all of those that are in need… please pray for them. There is time we have fruit, unexpected frui…
1000 Towns!!!
As a young man I remember reading the biography of Livingstone. There he mentioned how he saw the boundfires of 1000 villages in the heart of Africa that were not reached with the Gospel yet... I see more than a thousand towns in Spain that have not a Bible beliving church, not a point of testimony.. WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP US TO REACH THEM???? Yes, you can! Adopt an unevangelised town in Spain! While much of the Spanish population live in the larger towns and cities which currently have at least one "evangelical" church, almost a quarter of the 46 million have no ready access to the Gospel through the presence of a church. Some of these 10 million would have to drive (at 50mph) over an hour -even two- to reach their closest "evangelical" church. There are less than one hundred Independent Baptist Churches in the whole country, many Spaniards do not know what a "baptist" or a "Bible" church are. The generic name "Evangelic&quo…
Many things have happened since my last post in this blog... actually I have almost forgotten that it existed. But now it is time to write again. I have many reasons to do so:

Many things have happened in our ministry, aboundant blessings and things to share with all of you...I have many reasons to say THANK YOU to all our prayer supporters and to each of them that each month help us to serve the Lord though their love offerings. An increase in our overseas ministry; open doors of service in Israel, Peru, Uruguay, Europe and Africa...1000 Towns Projec: praying for towns without a church and reaching them with the Gospel.The growth of the Bible Seminary through the internet... 
But I need your help:

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To all of you thank you for becoming parteners in reaching the people of Catalonia and Spain with the Gospel of Christ

Thanks so much for Reading our prayer letter and for your prayers for us, THE LORD  has done precious things in September, read and see
Dear beloved in Christ, "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for thou art with me." Psalm 23
The well known Psalm 23 was once again a precious consolation for my life. This month of September "The Valley of Shadows" has been a reality in several respects, but it has been a blessing to have walked through it and have felt the presence of the one who loves us and cares for us.
BOOK. In The Valley of the Shadow. A few months ago after having my experience with cancer I realized the internal struggle of many cancer patients and wanted to do something to help. The first thing i thought was to write a small book explaining my own experience and the spiritual lessons learned along the way. My desire was tocomfort and to give practical advice on how to cope with the disease. I have also spoken with seve…
Una fotografía de una Paella puede ser una forma diferente de empezar una carta de oración, pero como veréis dice mucho de lo que ha pasado este mes… Tengo tantas cosas por compartir que creo que debo hacerlo de una forma diferente esta vez. He subido a nuestro canal de youtube y a mi facebook (Peter Pinyol) un montón de fotografías y video para resumir tan preciosas bendiciones de este mes. (www.youtube.com/user/fundacionbib).  El Señor ha sido bueno con nosotros y nos sentimos profundamente agradecidos. En mi última carta de oración compartí con vosotros la boda de nuestro hijo Daniel y Abigail. Ahora ya están felizmente casados y viviendo aquí en Castellbisbal ayudándonos en el ministerio especialmente de Campamentos. Su trabajo como directores del campamento de niños 2016 ha sido formidable. Rosa estuvo enseñando la historia misionera y dirigiendo la cocina. Nuestro mayor gozo ha sido ver un grupo de jóvenes que había estado bajo nuestro ministerio desde niños ahora llevando e…
As we have been celebrating the Resurrection of Christ through Eastern we were encouraged to remember that we have a risen Savior, that we have the victory and the power of Him who loved us until the end. I have just returned from a summit in Madrid where I had the privilege and joy of serving the Lord together with many other missionaries and Pastors from Spain, Mexico, Morocco and the USA. We started participating in these summit three years ago, and we have seen the hand of the Lord encouraging teens from all Spain to serve Him with their lives and to reach with the Gospel the lost people around them. A group of teens from our church were able to come with us and they came back encouraged and in fire for the work and the ministry.
But this has not been the only conference of this month and a half. During February our Bible Institute (Fundación Bíblica) together with another ministry sponsored a conference dealing with the error of ecumenism. We continue having  a burden in our heart…
The same feeling that a child has when he enters “toys r us” is the feeling I have every time I enter a public library or a bookstore… it is wonderland! I am expecting to find treasures and to be able to read each single book there is! Of course that would be impossible, but without a doubt literature and missions goes together. “books” are our way of communicating truth. For that reason through the years I have been trying to develop a Christian literature ministry. By the Grace of God, I have been able to translate and publish articles and books by different Christian authors. Our Christian book stores in Spain are filled with charismatic and liberal writers because that is what “sells”. We are in a great need of good Christian literature. I was taught that a good and abundant personal library is a plus and a must for a preacher. My mentor had more than twelve thousand books in his own library… It is sad when I see preachers selling their books because they don´t have a use for it. …